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Improving environmental impact assessment in Mongolia

The R&D Center for Climate Change and Sustainable Development NGO, referred to as CCSD, is pleased to announce the successful completion of its consulting service for the Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MoET) concerning amendments to the Law on Environmental Impact Assessment of Mongolia (2012), commonly known as the EIA law. This initiative was conducted under the auspices of the "Biodiversity and Adaptation to Climate Change II and III" project, generously funded by KfW.

The inception of Mongolia's initial EIA law in 1998, post the Constitution of Mongolia (2012), marked a pivotal moment in environmental governance. The current EIA law, approved to address critical aspects of environmental impact assessment, has undergone four amendments since 2012. These modifications encompass key elements such as assessment categories, strategic and cumulative evaluations, general and detailed environmental assessment requirements, delineation of responsibilities, duties, and rights of stakeholders, formulation of environmental management plans, and provisions for public participation.

Despite these amendments, stakeholders, including sectorial NGOs, have consistently raised concerns with the MoET regarding challenges in implementing the EIA law. Responding to this, the MoET took a proactive approach in 2023 by establishing a Working Group to scrutinize implementation issues in accordance with the Law on Legislation of Mongolia (2015). The objective was to draft amendments to the EIA law that would address these concerns comprehensively.

The CCSD consulting team, comprising legal experts and sector-specific professionals, diligently executed their responsibilities throughout the consulting contract period. Recognizing the evolving nature of the task, the consulting contract was extended in October 2023 by one month until November 9th, 2023. This extension facilitated additional research, required assessments, and the development of the Concept Paper for the draft amendments to the EIA law, along with the draft amendments themselves.

The assessments, Concept Paper, and amendments to the EIA law were meticulously crafted, ensuring adherence to the Law on Legislation of Mongolia and its associated regulations. These outputs received formal approval through the Resolution of the Government of Mongolia. In shaping the amendments, the CCSD consulting team drew upon various legal sources and documents, including the Constitution of Mongolia (1992), the Environmental Protection Law (1995), and other pertinent laws.

CCSD takes pride in its contribution to advancing environmental legislation in Mongolia, and it remains committed to promoting sustainable development and climate change adaptation in the region.


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