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Carbon and Mining

The CCSD encourages the Mongolian mining industry to become more a responsible industry to report the carbon emission, and keen to provide a capacity to the industry on carbon calculation.

We are aiming to build a capacity within Mongolia based on international best experience. With that aim in mind, we had a fruitful discussion with the researchers from University of Queensland, Australia, about their recent research work of “Development framework for climate change mitigation in mining.”


CCSD is planning to collaborate with the Mongolian mining companies through the Mongolian National Mining Association, a key advocacy association of the Mongolian mining industry since 1994, a non-profit organization, of which members are individuals, business entities, and organizations in the mining field.
CCSD is open for partnership opportunities regarding this matter, and please contact us at

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Climate Change Public Awareness Program

CCSD believes that battling with climate change is not only a government responsibility, but also of the citizens, who should be well informed and educated, as well as participated in every single climate action. We have initiated the public awareness program to disseminate right information with right approach for on-the-ground results.


The program will consist of set of short and mid-term public awareness activities with citizens, businesses and government involvement. Stay tuned!

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Climate Green Energy Program

Mongolia’s annual GHG emissions were estimated at 34,482.73 thousand tons of CO2-eq in 2014, with 50.1% of these coming from the energy sector, 48.5% from agriculture, 0.9% from industry, and the remaining 0.5% from the waste sector.


Government of Mongolia commits to reduce GHG emissions through designing and implementing projects on renewable energy and energy efficiency and is working intensively in all stages of regulatory framework improvements on Energy Efficiency pursuant to the Law on Energy Conservation (2015), National Energy Efficiency Action Plan (2017-2020) and “Vision 2050”, a brand new long-term policy development document.


CCSD aims to support the design and implementation of small-scale pilot project on renewable energy (“Pilot project”) in Mongolia in close collaboration with business entities, “Top 100” awardees (“Partner organizations”) by the Mongolian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


We are in the stage of developing a Concept note of the pilot project, and will begin a dialogue with partner organizations soon. Stay tuned!

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Climate Green Investment Program

CCSD believes that investment for climate change and sustainable development is crucial for NDC of Mongolia. Therefore, we are initiating a research program as a platform for future investment opportunities in Mongolia.

Goal: To establish climate green investment vehicle under Mongolian NDC by national and international business communities for a New Green Investment Avenue.



  • Complete Mongolian legal environment research for green investment under NDC

  • Brief assessment on Mongolian project its technical capabilities and market

  • Learn international green investment environment, build networking and business relationship

  • Establish entity as a Fund at abroad (e.g London, Tokyo, Singapore, New York)

  • Next steps and actions to strengthening the fund.

More information will be provided soon...


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